Monday, January 27, 2014

Gifts, how should we use them?

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Have you ever wanted a talent that you didn't have? Naw, that's just me?! I always wanted to be an amazing singer. If I could sing well, I would be one of those people who would use singing for everything. Literally everything. In the shower, at the dinner table, walking down the street, ordering food, job interview, etc. Any who, I know why God did not give me the gift to be able to sing well. I would use it all for me. I would be so in the way that the gift He gave me would NOT be used for His glory and will. What do I mean? In the past, I thought we had gifts and talents to bring us happiness and do what we want with them to push us further in life. I also use to believe that our gifts shouldn't have to "push" people to Christ. As long as I thanked God for them and prayed for Him to bless them, it should be good enough. Boy was I wrong! I truly didn't understand that EVERY good gift and EVERY perfect gift is from above. James 1:17 Every good gift you say? Yes, every good gift. 

Quick story: God gave me the gift of free styling poetry with Him about my frustrations and empty moments in life. I love it because it really brings me closer to Christ. To continue with the story, I was promoting for our upcoming Open Mic Night and I decided to go to an open mic every night that week. I would sign up, recite my poem, announce the event, and pass out flyers. Easy, right? Not really. Side note: I truly respect all of the people that do this full-time or part-time. Back to the story: I decided to go to an Open Mic Night called Crescent Moon. I didn't think anything of it besides, "C
ool name for a late night event". I really didn't want to go, but I knew we needed to get the word out about our upcoming event. On my way to the cafe, I decided to practice a new poem God have recently given me. I thought, "We are going solo dolo. Why not practice the new one?" As I was practicing nothing was really working and I know that was God's way of telling me no. We decided to do the one about Jesus Christ and His unconditional love. I performed this poem a few places and felt pretty confident about performing it. I stop practicing and chilled the rest of the car ride. I arrive at the cafe and the cover was $5. I didn't have any cash on me. I was already tired so I was going to leave, but the organizer told me to stay and to remember for next time. I thought, "That was super nice! I have to perform." I signed up and waited for my name to be called. I was the 5 or 6 act to go, which means I had the chance to listen to others and get a feel of the vibe and crowd. I notice the women were completely covered with hijab (head-covering), nijqab (face covering), Abaya (dress), etc. I also noticed that men were of Middle-Eastern decent and had on skullies with Islam across the front of it. I finally put two and two together..."Crescent Moon...Nation of Islam...duh Ms. Boyd". 

Immediately after that thought, a young man recited two praise songs to Allah. You could imagine the shock I had and I thought, "We have to stay and perform. We won't run from this because it's uncomfortable." Guess what? I was called up next to perform. As I was walking up, I prayed, "God give me everything You believe I need". I approached the mic, closed my eyes, and performed my poem about Jesus Christ in front of a crowd who believed He was nothing, but a mere man. He gave me so much peace while I was performing. It was as if it was just me and Him like the day He gave it to me. It was incredible. After I was done, everyone was staring at me for a second or two then gave me the sympathy clap. Lol I announced our Open Mic Night and exited stage left...Lol I picked up my coat and walked out because I knew no one wanted a flyer to the Christian Open Mic Night. I was halfway down the block and the MC was yelling my name. I turned around and he asked me, "Where are you going? You have to come back in because the night isn't over yet. Also your poem was amazing." Who would have I returned finished the night. Afterwards, a number of people came up to me and asked for the flyer. They even told me how much they enjoyed the poem. What a night for share the love of Christ.

I tell you this story not as a congratulations to me for being brave because it has nothing to do with me for real, but as a glory to God. God was with me the entire time. From the moment we were driving to when I left for the night. I even believe it was God calling me back into the cafe because the night wasn't over to pass out flyers. God gives us gifts to serve one another as good stewards. Whoever speaks, serves, etc. we do it all that God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 4:10-11 Do you have a gift? Are you a singer, painter, poet, speaker, chef, athlete, rapper, writer, entrepreneur, comedian, actor, designer, dancer, artist, musician, etc.? Use your amazing God given gift to glorify Him. Use your gift to share the gospel. Here are some example of those who have used their God-given talents to glorify God:

- JGivens, Bienvenue:
- Alex Faith, Runaway:
- S.O.,  I Am:
- Swoope, Actions Speak Louder in Words:
- Andy Mineo, Saints:
- Trip Lee, Beautfiul Life:
- W.L.A.K., Imagine (Cypher):
- Social Club, Grace:
- Beautiful Eulogy, Acquired in Heaven:
- The Arrows, In The Words (of Satan):
- The Ember Days, Brothers:
- Hillsong, Oceans:
- Joseph Solomon, Worth the Wait:
- Jackie Hill, My Life as a Stud:
- Proganda the Poet, G.O.S.P.E.L.:
- Janette, I Will Wait for You:
- Preston Perry, Jesus IS God:
- Jefferson Bethke, Counterfeit gods:
- C.S. Lewis,
- Max Lucado,
- Dr. Gary Chapman, Marriage and Family Therapy,
- Zacharias Ravi,
- Francis Chan:
- John Pipier:
- Mark Driscoll: (Interview Seattle Seahawks) 
- Matt Chandler:
- Andy Stanley:
- Nancy DeMoss:
-Voddie Baucham:
- Christon Gray: (Rapping) and (Singing)
Derek Cha, CEO/Founder of Sweet Frog states, "I was very discouraged, but in my heart I always knew that hardship is a blessing." Quoted from The Daily Progress. The Frog is Sweet Frog stands for Fully Rely On God.
- David Green, CEO/Founder of Hobby Lobby says, "There are so many decisions that we have to make we just can't make without God, the Holy Spirit guiding us. And it has been very important for us, our family, to lean on the Holy Spirit guiding us." Quoted from CBN News.
- Dan T. Cathy, President/COO of Chick-Fil-A tells us sometimes it is hard to find encouraging words, believe all things work for good, or even pray. But in these times we can rest in the fact that the Spirit helps us in our weakness. (Romans 8:26)
- Mariano Rivera, Relief Pitcher for the New York Yankees has helped the team win four World Series titles throughout his career.
- Allyson Felix, Olympian Silver Medalist stated, "My speed is a gift from God and I run for His glory, She told Christianity Today. "Whatever I do, it all comes from Him. 
- Michael Waltrip, NASCAR racer stated, "I talk to God and I talk to Jesus when I'm racing and before I race."
- Russell Wilson , Seahawks QB stated, "I thank God for putting me in this place right here."
- Jeremy Lin, Houston Rockets basketball player states, "Sometimes you come up against a mountain and you end up making the mountain seem bigger than God."
- Kirk Cameron, Atheist turn Follower of Christ, 
- Angus T. Jones, Two and Half Men star, Converted to Christianity
- John Gray
- Kasaun Wilson 
Movie/TV Directors or Producers
- Michael Warren, Producer of Family Matters
- Ralph Winters, Left Behind Series, Planet of the Apes, The Fantastic Four

There are so many more Christians out there using their gifts to glorify God. Do some research. You never know what you may find. Remember our talents, skills, and abilities have to serve a greater purpose. The most effective expression of our gifts is when you use it to glorify God.
At a recent event, spreading the gospel through poetry!


Eph 4:22-24


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ugly Sweater Party Event Recap

We would truly like to thank God for SPZRKT and for using his amazing gift to give God so much glory! We would also like to thank all of the beautiful people that attended the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. We had a great time and look forward to next month for the Open Mic Night feat. Jackie Hill

Missed this event? You already know...we took lots of pictures for you. We hope to see you in the future! 
Ugly Sweaters!

Mini Apple Crumbles!
Mini Pound Cakes 

SPZRKT and Devin Turner (One of his greatest influences)!

Everyone enjoying the music!

SPZRKT was absolutely amazing...


Singing "You mean the universe to me, Jesus!"

All smiles!

Beautiful ladies!

Mix and Mingling 

1st place winner and 2nd place winner for the Ugly Sweater Contest!

Of course we had a Soul Train line!
And a dance party!
DJ KP on the 1s and 2s!

This says everything! 

SPZRKT sharing his testimony...
and the Gospel!

Until next time, have a Happy New Year!
A special thanks to John Cahill: Photographer for all of the great photos!