Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Event Recap - The Great Banquet

Wow...this event was...mind blowing...life altering...just amazing. We want to give a very big thank you for each and every one of our volunteers. You were so great and we could not have done it without you. We want to thank the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) for allowing us to serve you! It was such a great experience and we hope to do it again in the future.

Were you unable to volunteer? Did you donate and would love to see the event? See below for the great pictures taken by John Cahill! We also would like to thank Faithfully There for providing us with The Great Banquet Shirts! 

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Preparing for The Great Banquet
Wrapping presents! 

Ms. Jazmin Doss

Ms. Official checking in volunteers
Making friends

All smiles about serving...
and more smiles...
and more smiles!
Preparing for foot washing! 

Don't forget about that balloon!

Preparing the prayer section
Preparing tables!

Getting ready!

Ms. Meisha aka Expert Waffle Maker
Preparing the music!

Is everything good to go for the music?
The lovely prayer leader!
Our first lady aka Expert Juice Pourer! 
The RU crew
Even more smiles....
The famous John Cahill! 
Almost ready!
Let's huddle up
The amazing volunteers who made it all possible!
The prayer group became a family! :) 
The tables are ready to be occupied!

The feet are ready to be washed!
The presents are ready to be given!
Making friends

Sporting  Faithfully There The Great Banquet shirts!
Thanks Faithfully There for your donation!
The kitchen is up and going!

Our juice section is ready!
Providing Bibles

I think we are ready!
Preparing for the ladies to walk in! 
Ahhh...Foot Washing! 

Someone looks relaxed and
The FOOD! 
Chicken and Waffles!

Shrimp & Grits!

And drinks!
Of course...Prayer! 

We had extra food so we brought it to the streets!
Making new friends! 

Pouring the good ole' OJ

and more smiles...
and more OJ...
and more Apple Juice! 

A little entertainment for the ladies!
Poetry by Canden Webb...Check her out here!
Nothing, but God-given talent! 

Poetry by Jharmaine Boyd 

Praise and Worship by Rene Rogers...
and Chinedu Ezebuiroh

Sharing the good news! 
Sorting donations! 

The presents! From soap to 
feminine products to 
more feminine products and more

Giving out goodies!

Some of the lovely ladies from CCNV

Faithfully There Fashion Shoot!

Thank God, all of the volunteers, CCNV, and Zion Church
for making this possible!