Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why The Change? Good Question.

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Many people ask us why the sudden change? Did something bad happen? People usually do what you're doing when they are older, why now? Good question. We are two educated African American women. We have two parents who love us. They are more than our parents, but our friends. We both graduated from college one with as a triple business major and the other as a chemical engineer. We both had two good salaries right out of college. We had two committed boyfriends at the time. (Only one survived LOL) We had friends we would hang out with every weekend and annual vacations...we were living the dream! So why give up drinking if you are not an alcoholic? Why give up sex with your boyfriend if he is the only one you are doing it with? Why was your relationship with God before not enough? You have a steady income, good job, loving family, loyal friends, and a good man in your life. What more is there to ask? I know you are probably thinking...y'all some ungrateful so and so's...LOL

Boyd Sister One: Have you ever had one of those days where you are too busy to eat because of work or school? You are running around like a car on fumes and realize you have not eaten all day. So what do you do? You go somewhere and grab something that is quick and easy so you can get back to work. Not knowing how hungry you were, you devour the food, look up, and it's all gone. A few minutes later, you are stuffed, but not satisfied. DON’T YOU HATE THAT?! You just ate all this crap...Your body is full and complete, but for some odd reason you are not satisfied. So what do we do? Look for snacks! LOL We look for something to quench that satisfaction and then you look back and realize…wow! If I would had eaten the correct thing to begin with, I would have never had to waste all these calories. Maybe you are not big on calories, maybe you like to sleep. You ever felt like no matter how much sleep you got it was never enough? I was tired of feeling like I had everything, but nothing at the same time. I had the job with the great pay and benefits. I had the great family and fun friends. I had the committed boyfriend, but even after all that I still was not completely happy. Some people would say, "Well you are kinda picky…and others don’t have half of what you do. So you need to be grateful". I was really grateful and blessed, but I was trying to fill all these voids with stuff that only God can fill. I was tired of all trying all these diets. I needed to make some lifestyle changes in order to get the results I wanted. I may have lost friends, but I gained a friend that would never leave me or do me wrong. I may have lost a boyfriend, but I will gain an Adam that God made just for me!!! I may have lost all these temporary things, but I gained eternal things. And looking back…I’m mad I took me so long to get here...

Boyd Sister Two: What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your purpose? The questions that I had the answers to until I graduated from college...You know how you plan something and it goes in a completely different direction that you would have never expected?! Yeah, that's pretty much my life. I had no idea what my purpose was. Over the past couple of years, I tried everything under the sun. I tried career coaches, mentors, and aptitude tests to figure out my purpose. I interviewed for everything that I thought I liked - buyer for a retailer, accountant for a shoe company, teacher for inner circle schools, occupational therapy, starting a not-for-profit, owning a daycare center, brand management, and the list goes on. My girlfriends and I would always talk about how we are going through a quarter life crisis and how we don't know what we want to be when we grow up. This day was a little different with one of my girls. I started my normal routine of complaining about my "non-value-adding" job and how I need to get my life together. She told me, "I am really content where I am and focusing on my relationship with God. I stop focusing on getting a man and trying to figure out my purpose and I am so happy! I thought to myself, "What the heck does she have that I don't have?! I need some of whatever that is!" You know how we do when something happens to someone and you always think, what about me?! (My middle child syndrome...LOL) " I responded, "So what are you doing with God that you didn't do before and how did it change your perspective? She told me to check out this blog and it changed my life. I realized that I couldn't make my time come faster by complaining, getting drunk on the weekends to survive the weeks, or beating myself up on choices I made in the past. I never knew that when I doubted God and tried to do things my own way meant I didn't trust Him! That night I truly gave my life over to Him. I made a decision to love God with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength. I made a decision to trust God with everything in me and that He will reveal His purpose for my life when the time is right. I made a decision to focus on building a relationship with Him and not all those other distractions. God already knows my purpose, but I determine my destiny. I pray God orders steps to align with His purpose even if it means that my dreams have to die. 

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Everyone's walk with God is different. Some of us don't know Him and think we can do it ourselves. Others are a little curious, but nervous about what we may have to give up in order to follow Him. Or we are so mad at God for the things that have happened in our lives because He didn't save us or change the situation. I challenge you to pour your heart out to God. He still loves you and wants a deep relationship with you. He wants us to yell, cry, laugh, and tell Him about our crazy thoughts that we would never speak out loud! The media shows us we should give our life to Christ when we hit rock bottom. On the other side, some of us think we need to have our life together in order to follow Christ. Aren't we tired of trying everything to fill the voids and ending up with nothing? Aren't we tired of searching for our purpose and being depressed? We have tried everything else, right? Why not try Christ?

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Eph. 4:22-24



  1. Hi I really love this post. I recently made the decision to give my life to God. Here is my story.


    1. Thanks girlie! We have the chance to check out your story and it was absolutely amazing. Building disciples!