Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Did We Change? Second Good Question.

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Before we gave our lives to Christ, there were multiples times where we would tell ourselves or promise God that we would not do certain things according to us, but to His word. There were two areas in particular that we felt at the time we needed to work out. The number one thing for us was having sex with our boyfriends. I would go to church or hear a great message somewhere, have a revolution, and make a promise. I would tell God, "Lord, he ain't getting no cookie until he put a ring on it and make a promise to You, me, and himself. Why? Because it is the right thing to do!" The week would go on and I would make plans to hang out with the boy toy. The entire time I am getting ready I would look in the mirror and say, "Look we are waiting! Remember no one wants to buy the cow if the milk is for free...whatever that means..." I would see him and I would think, "Oh my goodness, he looks so yummy in all his chocolate glory! To top it off he smells like deliciousness..." Before I knew it, one thing led to another and all that stuff went out the window. I would start to think, "I know I promised you God, but let's start this next time. I promise this is my last time. Look at Him! Plus, he plans on buying the milk anyway so there's no harm in getting a sample. It's like buying grapes at the grocery store. You taste, you buy! Sounds logical to me..." 

We also had a difficult time with alcohol. I am no alcoholic, but it was becoming a big part of my life. I would try to convince myself that I am not the type who needed to drink to have fun. The funny thing is that I would always pre-game for any and every event. It was to the point that drinking did not stop at clubs and bars. I started to drink before going to the movies, skating (bad idea), bowling, etc. It would take moments of reflection or hearing a friend give up alcohol to make me think should I do the same? What do we do when we want to change something? WE MAKE IT A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION! LOL You better believe drinking was no different. I would promise, "This year I am not going to get "too" drunk. I am going to drink just enough to feel a little somethin' somethin'. I am only going to drink beer and wine. No shots. Before I could even get into the new year, I am taking shots at 2am and drinking with a purpose to celebrate.

Whether you are a person who gets drunk, has premarital sex, or maybe does neither, it really doesn't matter. Becoming a following of Christ is not a checklist. We don't sit down with God and decide what characteristics to buy and sell like the stock market. It is not about the person we were, but the person we are trying to become. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Being a follower of Christ, is a relationship. I know you may hear us say this over and over again, but it's really true! :) Focus on having a relationship with God. Get to know Him by reading His word. Apply His word to you life because reading God's Word without the intent to apply it is equivalent to chewing food without the intent to swallow. Consult with Him about everything under the sun. Become real friends. Don't focus on all the things you need to give up, doing things just because it is the "right" thing to do, or changing because your friends are. When you build a relationship with Christ, all those things will follow. We do not have a mean or selfish God. Our God is a gentleman and will not force us to do anything. How did we change? We just followed Him. When you talk with God, you begin to talk like God. You walk with God, you begin to walk like God.

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 Let's think about this. We all know Michael Jordan. You know the former Chicago Bull (whoot, whoot!), icon for Hanes commercial, Space Jam star (love this movie!), or the man that still makes money on shoes and hasn't played ball in years? We all know Mike as the man who changed the GAME. We know this guy (James) who has a friend (Robert). They would always hoop together. So every time James would hit up Robert to play ball, he would always need an hour to get ready. What man needs an hour to get ready for basketball every time?!LOL Any who, he would spend an hour watching Michael Jordan highlights. He would study his technique. He would try to mimic Jordan's cross-over, his timing, his quickness, etc. It was so serious that Robert would wear the double shorts and forearm band like Mike. James and all their friends always made fun of him because he was trying so hard to be like Mike. He would even stick out his tongue and do the fade away shot. If Mike did it, he did it. He wasn't no Michael Jordan, but people would actually say he looked like Mike. Crazy, right?! The funny thing is that it is true. When you study or engulf yourself in something you truly become more like it. God is the same. Again how did we change? We just followed Him. When you talk with God, you begin to talk like God. You walk with God, you begin to walk like God. We don't need more of God. We just need to decrease to make room for Him to increase. Think about it. 

Eph. 4:22-24



  1. I agree we must no that its a gift from God when test and challenges come at you from all sides. Because under pressure your faith-life is forced into the open and shows our true colors. With God on my side I'm fearless afraid of no one and nothing..