Tuesday, July 9, 2013

John and Alicia Boyd Scholarship Winners

John and Alicia Boyd Scholarship is founded by us, the Boyd Sisters. This scholarship is in honor of our parents, John and Alicia Boyd. The 2013 John and Alicia Boyd Scholarship grantees were chosen based on having a passion for community service, a strong academic background, and career goals.
John and Alicia Boyd
Dwight Bolden is pressing toward the mark to serve mankind through protection. Dwight believes he is his brother's keeper and we do not live on this earth alone. As such, he is majoring in ROTC and Military Science at Aurora University. This will open the door for Dwight to serve in the military and to work for the United States Governmental Armed Forces or in human capital. As you can see, he is not the type of person to work behind a desk in an office, but to work in the field helping people. As the Boyd Sisters, we are happy to name Dwight the 2013 recipient of the John and Alicia Boyd Scholarship for $1,000! 
Dwight Bolden
We elected to create another scholarship called Joy Baby Scholarship. The scholarship is in honor of our grandmother, Joyce Perkins better known as Joy Baby. Joyce was more than a grandmother, but one of our dearest friends. The 2013 Joy Baby Scholarship recipient has to exemplify a godly young woman/man who has given back to the community, built a strong academic background, and career goals.
Joyce Perkins aka Joy Baby
Dekonti Davies is aspiring to become an ophthalmologist because she has developed a passion to help solve the problem with human vision. She remembered always having her Nana (grandmother), who became her best friend. Her Nana was diagnosed with diabetes and started to struggle with her vision. After many operations, she ended up losing her sight. Dekonti had to assist her grandmother in reading her bills, writing her checks, etc. This created a spark in Dekonti to desire a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering at University of Missouri - Columbia and a medical degree to practice ophthalmology. She wants to pair the degrees to find ways to help treat her patients with vision problems. We truly believe that Jesus Christ reveals our God given purpose through our pain. Dekonti Davies truly exemplifies this to the utmost  We are proud to name Dekonti Davies as the recipient of the Joy Baby Scholarship for $1,000!
Dekonti Davies
We would like to thank all of the applicants for taking the time to apply for the John and Alicia Boyd scholarship. Please understand this was such a difficult process and wish we could have gave everyone a scholarship. However, we pray that you have continued success in your academic achievement, professional goals, and spiritual walk.
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Eph. 4:22-24



  1. That's awesome ladies!! Love seeing people help other's.