Monday, July 1, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Luke Mason

Luke Mason of As Iron Sharpens Iron
1. Why did you choose Christ?
I did not choose Christ. I chose sin when I came into this world.As another who was featured on Inspirational Mondays put it, Christ chose me.The only reason I am saved is by His grace and His initiation.

About 2 years ago, I went to a Christian home school conference where I listenedto a speaker. God used his words to penetrate my heart like never before andgive me a passion to serve Him. The speaker's name was Eric Ludy, and I thankGod for his willingness to shout the truth into my generation.

I then followed my King simply because I could not do anything else. There wasno part of my life that was better than what it could be with my completedevotion to God. I saw the need I had and addressed it by accepting His gift ofeverlasting life.

2. How did you change?
Over thenext couple of years I stumbled through major changes in my lifestyle by onlythe grace of God. I stopped my useless idolatry in the form of"liking" girls. I attempted to rebuild my relationships with mysiblings. I tried to put God first in my consumption of entertainment. Iactually read my Bible (which was usually ignored before). I actually prayed tomy God (which never truly happened before this). I learned more and more aboutwhy I believe what I believe. God has kept me on the narrow road ever since andgiven me a passion to live truthfully and wholeheartedly for Him. I amcurrently 16 and write a Christian blog at ""I learn more about what it means to follow God every day and hope to lead thenext generation into a time of awakened need for the almighty Lord of lords. Ifyou want to read my detailed testimony, please check out the post entitled:"A Vapor in God's Plan" on my blog. Thanks so much.

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Eph. 4:22-24


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  1. Awesome story. You are so blessed to have found Christ at the age that you did! You were saved at such an important time in your life. And I love how the pictures that you posted scream, "It's not about me!! It's about, You, Lord!!" Amazing. Thanks for sharing!