Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Jane Anne Lingan

Jade of  Beautiful Fierceness
1. Why did you choose Christ?
I'm a pastor's kid. I've been in church since who knows how long, but my heart was never really into it. I can't say that I was truly Christian from the beginning, but being surrounded by a Christian environment nurtured me to be who I am today.

I chose Christ because I felt Him and proceeded to see the change in my life. He was the only Constant, the only Person I can truly run to. He showed me His light when all I could make myself see was darkness. It was as if He was the only One who can truly give clarity and meaning to my life (and He was).

2. How did you change? 
I went through a rebellious phase in my life, which involved a guy. It was against my family's and church's wishes. A lot of drama went on, and we broke up. By then, my heart was stone cold and indifferent to anything or anyone. I couldn't trust other people anymore.

I moved out of my hometown for college, and got in a new church. My youth group was on such a high, a high that I never had, and it led me to question my standing with God. From then on, I responded to EVERY altar call. Because I just wasn't sure if I was saved or not.

Then came a circumstance, a revelation that brought me to my knees. I decided to give it up and just submit my heart to Him. He broke my heart that night, and I was never the same again. That was the night I found security of my salvation, that was the night I truly felt His overwhelming love and grace.

Looking back at my past, I can't help but laugh in wonder and amazement on how far God has brought me. Indeed, I am still a work in progress. There will always be molding. But He has changed so much already, and I'm excited to be the woman He wants me to be.

From the moment I encountered Christ, I couldn't be the same anymore. It's a matter of pursuing Him and allowing Him to pursue me. It's an everyday decision to obey Him and to submit my will to Him. I am but a clay in the Potter's hand.

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Eph. 4:22-24


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  1. Great read! That's so true. Everyday we have to CHOOSE to obey him and CHOOSE to fight against the enemy, asking for his help.

    Thanks for sharing!!!