Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inspirational Monday - Christina Robertson

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1. Why did you choose Christ?
Well actually...He chose me! :-) He choose me before I was even a thought. He choose me and created me with value and purpose. I choose to accept the invitation He offered me because I realized I was truly nothing without him. I was guilty and He offered me innocence. I was empty and He filled me. I accepted the greatest gift I didn't deserve, but desperately needed > Life in Him. 

2. How did you change?
"Church girl" - I grew up in the church. My life was centered around going to "church, doing "church", laying "church" etc... but I never fully accepted Christ in my heart. I knew the truth, but I had not truly received the truth that I could be changed and free! Free from insecurities, void seeking, hurt, fear, and people pleasing to name a few. I changed because I was tired of living a lie and running from the truth of His freedom and LOVE. I made a decision that enough is enough and I needed his freedom. Every month, day, hour, minute I make a choice to be transformed completely by Him. 

"Know the truth, and the truth shall MAKE you free"~ John 8:32

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