Monday, May 20, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Athaliah Talbot

Athaliah Talbot of Seven Sentences
1. Why did you choose Christ?
I was raised in a traditional Christian home so the building blocks to know and to make the choice again and again were there from the beginning. As an adult I continue to dare to wait, listen, learn and hope in the Christ that we learn about through scripture. Who Christ is can be so easily disfigured and maimed because of religious insecurity and desire to control other's journey. But I honestly believe that Christ has come in compassion with loads of hope and life that we can not begin to imagine -- and he comes for all..not just the good ones! And from that I live and I choose to believe. Not always easy.

2. How did you change? 
I've been on my journey of seeking and listening and hoping for a loooong time! Change has come quickly, it has at times been a slow burn and other times it's been an obvious partnering with God and responding in humility and trust with the result being quite significant. Ultimately I think whatever change I experience, I have to make decisions to embrace them; I am responsible to live out the change.

I am actually quite thankful for an evolving faith. I can think of a past me that was religious and pious, shutting out everyone who did not think or "live out" their faith as I was taught to. I think this is the area of my most significant change... from piousness to being touched by grace and compassion. This has made me vastly open to God's heart for others in all walks of life. I am challenged to discount none and to love others with a love bigger than I could ever manufacture.

Of course there have been other outward changes throughout my journey, and they have been great and measurable but these days I look forward to the quiet changes...the ones that will be my legacy of heart and character

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Eph. 4:22-24


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  1. I really enjoyed this post. and the inspiration monday "how did you change responses"... each person has their own story and journey but walking to get closer to the same God. Amazing.