Monday, April 8, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Daisy

1. Why did you choose Christ?
Jesus coming into my life started with a series of events. A lot of it has become a blur, but it started with a car accident 6 years ago. The accident itself didn’t faze me too much, but it was the months after that did. I had troubles with my vision. Frustration was like a massive boulder weighing me down every day. I couldn’t pick up a book and read it. Everyone including my family, friends, and neurological optometrist all told me that I would regain my normal vision gradually, but it felt like they were telling me that Santa Claus was real.
I got scolded whenever I resorted to wearing two pairs of glasses just to get past a few pages, but it was all I could do. The last few weeks of my summer were creeping up and somehow I was signed up for Glory (Church retreat) and packed to go. And when I got to the retreat center, I realized that the pages in the Bible were clear! I kept telling myself, “Don’t get your hopes up, Daisy. It’s only because the words are larger,” but the feeling of relief did not leave. All I knew was that the boulder weighing me down began to crumble and my anxieties dissipated.
I returned home from the retreat and there was youth group the next day. I had to be dropped off at church early, so I brought my unread copy of Black and Blue. I sat in the back and opened to the first page. To my surprise, the words were crystal clear. I remember it profoundly; after the 11th page, I called my mom, my dad, the person responsible for my attending Immanuel in the first place. I got through 27 pages before everyone even arrived.
Honestly, if asked if there was a day or a moment that I accepted Jesus into my life, I can’t give a clearly defined answer. But through all the ups and downs of the last few years, I can stand firm in front of everyone today and confidently say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He led to me to start the search for Him. As for today? Today is just another beginning of getting to know Him even more.
2. How did you change?
It was my freshman year of college and not long after I became a Christian/found God. I loved Immanuel and I still do. At that time, I had a love for Him that I wanted to share it with the world. Week after week, I would ask all of my friends to join me on the van ride to Westfield for service. I would tempt them with the awesome lunch provided before service and with the freedom of hearing me nag them multiple times a day. I asked them to give Immanuel a chance, to give Jesus a chance.

Over the last three years of college, I lost that fearlessness…or more accurately described, my fear of societal rules became more fearful than my fear of God. I became a resident assistant at my college. Promoting “my religion” was prohibited as a representative of Residence Life to avoid offending individuals of other faiths. This quickly became the norm for me in school and then at work. I held fast onto my pride and pushed myself to obtain what society considered to be success whether it was grades, money, or career. I set God aside.

I went through a series of baptism classes in 2007, but was never baptized. I learned that it takes time to grow up; in fact I’m still growing. Looking back at the last three years of college, I wasn’t happy. I was continuously chasing after worldly fleeting wants in life instead of holding fast to God. It's been close to two years since my graduation. Although still in transition of this, I’m learning to share God with those around me in little ways whether at my work place, my classes, my parent’s business, the soup kitchens I volunteer with, etc. I have happiness living for God and that is a happiness that I am re-learning how to share with the world. I've learned to let go of the empty wants in life and prioritize what's most important. The one who I can 100% rely on is God alone. I live everyday by striving to mimic his love.
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Eph. 4:22-24



  1. Awesome Story... God Uses ThoseLow Times To Get Our Attention

  2. Great story....So glad that our ups and downs, our nears and fars can ultimately bring us closer than we've ever been to God!

    1. Yes! Pray for that steadfastness! #HeIsAmazing!