Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Taleisha Webber

Taleisha Webber of Unfading Elegance
1. Why did you choose Christ?
I chose to live for Jesus Christ on September 18, 2005, when I was 9 years old. I had known Christ my entire life, but hadn't invited him to live within me. My parents had sat me down and told me that even though they were Christians and took us to church, that didn't mean I was saved. And I learned that I could only be saved when I had the Holy Spirit living inside me. I realized then and there that all I needed was Christ, and I needed him desperately! A few years after I went through a serious time of doubt, where I needed physical proof of everything. It was a difficult time in my life but it allowed me to learn about Christ and discover his love for me all over again. I am a new creation in him.

2. How did you change?
For a while my lifestyle didn't change much, but my faith grew slowly as I listened more intently at church and talked to God and my best friend about Him. It helped make me constantly aware of Him, which looking back now, shaped a lot of my decisions for the better. My family and I took a step in faith when we learned that my mother's sister had breast cancer, which then spread to two brain tumors. I can't remember a time when our family has prayed more. We were believing for a miracle, and even shaved our heads to raise money and awareness to support cancer research. Our prayers for her suffering to end were answered that year when she went to be with the Lord. This really shaped me and grew my faith, and brought me to a closer and better place with God, even though the end result wasn't what I wanted. 

A few years later, in 2010, I had a stirring inside me and I said to my mum, "There's a big change coming, and I have no idea what it is." I don't know how I knew, but a short while later my family was called to sell our house, family business, our cars and furniture, pack our bags, say goodbye to my oldest sister, our friends and church, and move to Cambodia to start a new life as missionaries working for Destiny Rescue. We moved six months later in April 2011. I am now 17 and still LOVE living in Cambodia. My family (Mum and Dad, my older sister and two younger brothers) now help sexually abused girls develop skills they can use for the rest of their lives, teach them about the God we love and serve, show them what it's like to be loved and restore and take back the life that was stolen from them. I know that God is shaping me right now into the woman He has designed me to be. Being here has opened my eyes to see the wonders and devastation of the world, opened my heart to spread His love to all we meet, to be a light in the darkness and a servant of Christ. God is amazing and His love isn't an action, it's a language. God is forever changing and shaping me, and I pray He will never stop using me.

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  1. I was inspired! Jesus is using you and your family in an amazing way! I'm praying for you guys and the lives that you are touching! :)

    1. Thank you Ayanna! Prayers are always needed in a place like Cambodia :)