Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspirational Mondays - Trista Laborn

Trista Laborn of A Purpose Driven Wife
1. Why did you choose Christ?
I choose Christ after hitting rock bottom at a point in my life. I had children (twins) I wasn't ready for, I got pregnant again and was VERY much depressed and had an abortion (see below). I've made some choices in my life that eventually had me hit rock bottom. I wanted so desperately to find something different that will change my life! I had low self-esteem, anger problems, was unhappy, and had no peace in my life at all! I wanted a change!

2. How did you change?
When choosing Christ, HE showed me that HE was real, slowly I began to learn how to have a relationship with HIM. I went to a bible based church, that taught the word of GOD, and that is where I found my purpose on why God created me, and slowly began to learn more about HIM, now I have more confidence in myself, I have peace, joy and VERY much on fire for GOD! You can find out more about me and where God has taken me and family on my blog at: A Purpose Driven Wife.

Boyd Sisters:
We tend not to write underneath an Inspirational Monday because we believe what the person has shared about their journey with Christ is more than enough based on what God laid on their heart. However, we would like to talk about abortion. Click here to read the blog post - My Abortion Story by Leslie. 

We hope your were inspired! Enjoy your Monday! Interested in learning more about us? Click here to learn "Why We Change" and click here to read "How We Change".


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